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Our Mission

The Iron Circle Gym was built to help encourage healthy lifting and give people a basic understanding of what it is to "Lift".    Our motto:

"Lift Healthy. Be Strong. Live Happy."

defines our fitness concepts at their core. 

Lifting is a great release and when incorporated safely into your lifestyle, it can bring amazing results both physically and mentally.  We hope you enjoy Lifting with us and Welcome to The Iron Circle Gym.

Lift On Challenge

Lift On and Help Lift our Community

Workout plans are a dime a dozen.  Its not hard to find free information on the internet that will help you get started lifting.  We even offer a free starter program to get you going.  However, when you buy one of our Lift-on Challenges your doing so much more than purchasing an excellent workout with clear desriptions. 

When you purchase a Virtual LIFT ON Challenge from us, 5$ of your purchase goes towards varying youth and environmental charities.  Our future means the world to us and we wanna give what we can to make it a better place.

Check out our virtual workout Challenges!

Workout with Ropes


These Challenges are designed to give you an excellent fat burning workout.  High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been shown to reduce fat quickly and if done correctly will actually build muscle.

These challenges are great for our at home friends with minimum equipment.

Muscle Pump

Aptly named, these challenges are designed to increase blood flow and  the cross-sectional area of our muscles.  Utilizing varying exercise tempos and big lifts, these challenges focus on many Body Building and Power Lifting concepts to create an impressive physique.

Best Utilized by gym goers or Garage gym lovers.

Plate Runner

For those of us that need an outdoor outlet or just enjoy challenging wilderness exercises. The Plate Runner Challenges are Ruck Based workouts that include a variety of weighted backpack exercises. 


These are great challenges for couples and friends who like to explore and have fun.  Your gonna need a weighted back pack (Rucksack).


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