Working out at Home

Staying Safe

What is the Number 1 rule to at-home exercise? Clear your space and stay safe!  Okay, so that's two rules but they go so closely hand in hand.  Make sure you have a clear 8x8 area to perform your work and ask friends and family to steer clear if they are going to be home during your workout.  Also, avoid working out on stiff surfaces like concrete or tile.  If you make a mistake you will want some give in the ground.

Home Fitness

Home Equipment

  When it comes to home equipment, work within your budget but always aim for quality.  Start with bands and work small resistance exercises into your routine to get used to the extra work. 

  Your body will crave more resistance after about 6 months of body weight and bands.  This is a good time to consider investing in a more applicable home gym setup.

Stay Consistent and Do What You Can...

  We all have distractions at home and it's hard enough learning new lifestyle habits, like exercise, without your kids throwing an action figure at your forehead.  Remember, your learning new things.  It's gonna take time to learn and adjust to your new hobby.  Your environment will adjust to fit your new needs just like it adjusted to fit your old ones.


  Don't be mean to yourself, if anything when you find yourself getting negative just remind yourself how much your worth it and how awesome it will feel to reach your goals! You Got This!!


Staying Fit
Fitness Equipments