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My name is Nicole Finney, never before had I imagined myself as a metaphysical life coach, but here I am.


It all started when I decided to turn inward and really look at all the hard stuff in my life. I worked with a therapist and a life coach, which is truly the best gift I have ever given myself. There is something about holding space for vulnerability. It’s transformative. It can be uncomfortable and scary, but being able to sort through the messiness with non judgement, compassion, and presence is invaluable. I’ve learned (and I’m still learning) stillness, how to listen to my body, and how to make love-based choices instead of fear-based ones. I’ve learned the best way to care for others is to first care for myself. 


This is what I know: I love to hold space for others. I can talk about the hard stuff. I can do the deep stuff. I know how to listen with my whole self. I’m intuitive. I can see the light in anyone. If you can’t see yours, I will help you. 


Motivational author Louise Hay discusses the many ways to change in her book You Can Heal Your Life, saying, “There is the spiritual approach, there is the mental approach, and there is the physical approach. Holistic healing includes body, mind, and spirit. You can begin in any one of these areas as long as you eventually include all the areas.”